Passion project

My passion project, is to make an app that helps little kids with counting. a passion project is to do something you are passionate about.
I was passionate about app creating, and maths. so I thought, what kind of maths do little kids do? That's when I got the idea. A counting app.

here's the home screen, with the counting activity's.
The first activity is to trace around the numbers, using your finger.
The second activity is to put the correct number in the spot of the ?.
The third activity is to tap how many of the objects there are.
The last activity is basic addition. (E.G. 2 strawberry's + 2 strawberry's =)

First W.I.T of the year!

My first W.I.T of the year!
This is my first W.I.T of the year. This W.I.T was an art W.I.T. Our task was to design an artwork for the keep NZ beautiful challenge. For this challenge our artwork had to either be painted in, Pop art, Cubism, Impressionism or a negotiated art style.The artwork also had to communicate a message of kaitiakitanga ORCommunicate a nature/conservation message ORtells a story about a local iwi I picked nature/conservation, and a picked negotiated art style. I did my art on a Ipad I used an app called sketch desk. (Apple sketch desk download) My original art was supposed to be a good and bad version of the world. But some people didn't want to do any of the messages, so we later got the choice to either continue or start another artwork with a message we came up with. I decided to change, because I didn't like any of the messages that much either My custom message was anything is possible. Then I started thinking about what artwork I wanted to do. In the end I d…

divisibility rules 2-10

to prove a goal at school I decided to make a coding project.

Thank you.

The project


for w.i.t we need to volunteer. we asked and answered questions in groups of 3. next we were looking around for places we could volunteer at, and we found the SPCA. we emailed the SPCA. here's the email we sent

 Hi,my name Matthew and I am working with my friends Reuben and Slater, we would love to help with looking after Kittens 😺. we are 9 and 10 years old, and we were wondering if it would be suitable for our age? we can bring an adult. we all love animals and we love to make animals happy. For one of our school projects we would like to make a positive difference. we can do whatever is necessary. Thankyou From Matthew,

Slater and Reuben

 5 days later with no reply we decided to call them. we couldn't go because we had to be 16. next we called animates and we couldn't do it because we had to have 6 month training. then we called pet essentials and we had to be over 13. and so on, but when we called pouakai zoo it was 8+! we submitted a form. the next Reuben said to c…

holiday poem

holiday writing poem
My teacher thinks I am listening, but really I am… In Auckland running up steep skateboard climbing ramp while parkouring on scooters.
My teacher thinks I am reading, but really I am… In the pools trying to defend myself from the giant waves while trying to splash my friend.
My teacher thinks I am writing but really I am…
Speeding down the hydroslide at a 47° angle while doing flips around the corners.

information report

This is an information report about Centipedes. I chose to do this because at school we are learning about invertebrate insects, and I caught a centipede.

Creepy Crawly Centipedes

Did you know that Centipedes can regrow or grow back legs if a bird or other predator rips them off?   No other arthropods have poisonous claws except for centipedes. Centipedes are hunters no matter how small, this is because they have poisonous claws. These are the centipede’s adaptations.

Environment A centipedes environment is simple, they live in open dirt so there are no roots blocking them from moving around. They will stay in open land so they can move around freely.

Diet Centipedes have a normal diet - soft blood insects, spiders and worms. Centipedes find this prey by detecting the prey with antenna. This way they can detect the vibrations to help find their prey. There is no limit to how big the prey is as long as it is a soft blood insect.

Identification Centipedes can come in many different shapes and…

Matthew's Video on Thursday, 13 April 2017